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The Trustees of the ALA promote a fun environment for homeowners in Good Standing to utilize the Aurora Lake for their enjoyment. 


The Trustees of the ALA promote a safe lake environment.  We observe and enforce ODNR Laws, and the Aurora Lake specific Rules and Regulations with the goal to support a fun, clean, and safe lake.

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The Trustees of the ALA promote a clean, and safe lake environment that is free of debris, algae, and bacteria. Our goal is to understand the factors that impact Aurora Lake and establish best practices to maintain Good Lake Health!

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Rules and Regulations

Ohio Boating / Operating Laws, and the Aurora Lake specific Rules and Regulations can be found here.


Lake Depth, Boating Pattern, and designated Swim Area's can be found here.

2018 Big News!

Upcoming Events can be found here.


Homeowners have questions, and we strive to find answers.

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Send comments, or questions.  Best effort will be made to respond within 24-48 hours.

Aurora Lake Rules and Regulations

ALA Rules & Regs (pdf)



Lake Depth (pdf)


Boat Pattern _ Swim Areas (pdf)


Big News

ALA Seasonal News _ 2018 (pdf)



What are the local Sunrise, or Sunset times?

Sunrise / Sunset table for Aurora Lake.

Why is the Permit Fee increasing this year?

EnviroScience will be evaluating our current lake health.  The results will baseline, and direct our future lake health strategy.

What are the requirements for Boater's Education Courses?

ODNR law is in place to educate and protect all boaters.

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